Make Your Event Cosmic

Das shares Outrageous Divinity at a broad range of venues from outdoor festivals to professional conferences.  Recently he shared the stage with Steven Halpern at the annual Cymatics Conference in Atlanta.

You can contact him to share his gifts with your gathering.

  • Devotional Kirtan
  • Healing Music
  • Soothing ambient background music
  • Electric Bhakti
  • Educational talks on India, Vedic Culture, his translations of rare texts

“Das is a multi-instrumentalist, flute maker, composer, cosmic poet, and perennial pilgrim. His music is drawn from a variety of ancient spiritual cultures, celebrating Creation with sacred sound.  With bamboo flutes, strings, kalimbas, guitars, drums, bells, Sanskrit songs and mantras, and whatever else he brings, he invokes the Healing Spirit of the Divine Forest.

Singing and ranting, strumming and chanting, tooting flute Supreme and Absolute — he transports the listener all the way from the mundane world to a glimpse of divine spiritual worlds — to a cosmic forest where every word is a song and every step is a dance…a place of Peace and Outrageous Divinity.”

“Das is a profound improvisational musician, recording artist, and flute craftsman whose many years as a spiritual student in India influence the delicate and passionate music he performs. He allows music to move through him with delightful grace and down-to-earth humor. He has participated in and facilitated Kirtans internationally since the early 1970’s with true devotion. Having Das as a musical guest is like inviting a songbird to perform.”