Flutes Available

Gradually I will populate the following categories with photos and blurbs, meantime just contact me to see what’s available, either ready-made or custom-made — dasarathasuta@yahoo.com — 850-623-1271 — and you can can have a lot of fun watching my flute videos at www.youtube.com/fantasyflutes to get an idea of the different models, tunings, and sizes available.

bambooBASIC UNIVERSAL BLURB — many of my instruments have been described as heirloom quality, museum quality, unique, one-of-a-kind showpiece flutes, etc. etc. and there are no mass production techniques involved. All the bamboo I pick is already dead and well cured by Nature, and I find that (1) I don’t have to kill a living thing, and (2) I have discovered that a flute made from naturally cured bamboo actually sounds better than one made from bamboo that was cut live and cured artificially (to my ears anyway), and (3) many cool things happen to bamboo during the various weather cycles of the year. In this way I find many rare pieces that are naturally spalted, which is a mottling and coloring of the patina with brown spots and lines and character marks all over it. Some pieces I toast with a torch until they are nutty brown, or dark brown in color, finally I put tung oil on them to seal the finish and also give them a nice satin sheen.

Regular Sized Flutes – the most popular size for beginners or professionals, generally around 15″ – 18″ long, on up to 24″

Alto Flutes – deeper tones sounding more peaceful and meditative, 24″ to 36″ long

Bass Flutes – very low tones, ultra-calming and trancelike, 36″ to 48″ (and even longer!)

Piccolos – small high-pitched screamers, good for special use and outdoor events, 6″ to 12″ long (and even smaller!)

Shakuhachi Hybrids – basic fingering of the traditional Shakuhachi (end-blown meditation flute) but with a different easy-to-play mouthpiece

Panpipes – multiple bunches of pipes lashed together, from 6 pipes to 15 or more, in various exotic tunings

Custom Creations – mixing and matching of various sizes with various tunings, or even custom tunings

Flute Gallery – photos of original flutes in my personal collection, some truly one-of-a-kind variations and deviations!

Flute Care – how to lovingly raise your new Adoptee