Flute Making Rants

This is not a “flute business” but rather a Flute Adoption Agency, and I am very particular about who gets to Adopt a flute. At a craft show, no one just hands me money and walks away with a flute, as if it was just some trinket for sale — since these instruments are my children, I make sure the flute fits the Adopter’s hands and finger spacing properly, and that they can blow it correctly and get a good tone, all before they are free to go. If they want to buy a rare showpiece adult flute for their toddler, I simply say, “No sale.”

I take this craft very seriously, yet have a lot of fun with it. I read five languages, and have spent a lot of time in India studying many rare and ancient texts in the Sanskrit language which describe the various types of flutes played many thousands of years ago. Some of these I have tried to recreate, and others I simply experiment and come up with interesting variations and deviations. Oh yeah, and I do make a few “regular” flutes too…


more coming soon