Fantasy Flutes on WordPress!

Greetings and thanks for stopping by!

This page is finally launched tonight, after a number of circumstantial delays, and I hope you have some fun checking out the different departments. Please be patient while we gradually develop the blurbs and photos etc.

There are some new flutes in my bucket, and more in the works, plus several new models that I hope to feature in new videos for YouTube… as soon as I replace my digital camera that just died!!! ;>(

Last weekend was Gulf Coast Rennaissance Faire in Pensacola, Florida, and boy did we have a pile of fun… and I have a beet-red sunburned nose to prove it!!! And riding the elephant was a special treat too…

Next weekend is Greater Good Music Art & Children’s Festival in Milton, Florida, and the weather is predicted to be absolutely perfect… so more fun lies ahead in the never-ending circus of flutistic celebrations…

Take Care, and please contact me about your Flute Adoption needs!

Love, Das


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