Hi there and welcome to my humble little page!
I endeavor to make unique flutes from very exotic and rare bamboo specimens.
Really, no two are alike, plus many people have told me that my prices should be two or three times what I ask.
So check out the variety of ancient and modern tunings available, and the diversity of sizes and styles,
and see if you would consider Adopting one (or more) to enhance your life immeasurably!

Here you can:Das at Om Site
  • adopt a handmade bamboo flute
  • order a unique custom-crafted creation
  • learn how to play your new flute
  • listen to – and purchase – cosmic music
  • enjoy cosmic poetry
  • check out upcoming Cosmic Events
  • invite Das to enhance your next event

NOTE:  You may contact me directly to see what’s available, either ready-made or custom-made — dasarathasuta@yahoo.com — 850-623-1271 — and you can have a lot of fun watching my flute videos at www.youtube.com/fantasyflutes to get an idea of the different models, tunings, and sizes available.   My new website is FantasyFlutes.com.


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New Flutes Take Birth!

Howdy Folks

Last night I stayed up late working on a nice new batch — seems a few people lately have given me some very nice bamboo blanks to work with — and I have been having fun working with these surprise specimens too — I also got a few wooden blanks for making the Native American style flute, and of course instead of the standard tuning, I will apply some of my freaky deviant scales thereupon…

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